How to Create Strong Intimate Connections with People and Win a Special Place In Their Hearts Using a Simple Strategy

September 19th, 2023

If you’re not currently the kind of person who knows how to talk to people in such a way that you quickly establish a strong connection with them, how interested would you be in learning how to do this?

Are you aware that some people have developed this ability and can often even connect much better and deeper with complete strangers than the connections those strangers have with the regular people in their lives?

But what’s the difference?

How can some people connect better with others, and often in a very short period of time, while other people sometimes have next to no connection with the people they’ve known for years?

Do you want to know the secret?

Would it surprise you to discover that that secret is to take a genuine and sincere interest in the people you talk to?

But this begs the question:

How do you do that?

What are the symptoms or actions that must follow when exemplifying an attitude of genuine interest in others?

For isn’t it true that an oak seed will naturally produce an oak tree?

So what is naturally produced in our interactions and relationships and the ways in which we behave and interact with people when we have a deep curiosity about them?

Consider this:

What are people and their lives made up of?

Don’t they have a past or a history filled with stories?

Don’t they have opinions and beliefs?

Don’t most of them have goals and plans for the future?

Don’t people have interests and hobbies?

And don’t people have a network of relationships, past and present, that their lives revolve around?

When you’ve developed a curiosity and an active interest in people, all these things become gold to you. Your mission for your interactions with people becomes to mine for and discover what these things are, and to then transition them and expand them into the central topics that unfold in the conversation!

That’s the secret to developing strong connections with people.

After all, what’s important in your life?

Isn’t it your history and past experiences, the events that made up your life story?

Isn’t it your opinions and beliefs?

Isn’t it your goals and plans?

Isn’t it your hobbies and interests?

And isn’t it the people who play major roles in your life?

Aren’t all these things the very things that are most important to you?

And if they’re important to you, would they not also be important to the people you meet and talk to, as far as their own lives are concerned?

Not only that, have you ever noticed that people love to share, if only given the opportunity?

They love to talk about the interesting experiences they’ve had, their opinions and beliefs, their goals and plans, their interests and hobbies, and their relationships with the people in their lives.

And if you can successfully encourage people to talk about these things, a connection will naturally be established.

Thus, the master conversationalist has learned to lead their conversations in directions that first uncover and then focus on the content of these five categories. And they do that by picking up on cues the other person drops into the conversation and using them as stepping stones to ask the right questions that steers the conversation onto these topics.

This is the secret to unlocking hearts and creating connections with people.


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