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Defeat the Fear of Criticism and March On to Victory!

May 9th, 2023

Every great contribution the world has ever seen was once met with fierce and sometimes even violent criticism. There is something in Human Nature that makes people opposed and averse to new and improved ideas and ways of doing things, with tongues ready to scoff, mock and ridicule anyone who would dare bring such novel innovations into the world.

This tendency in man, and the knowledge of its presence, can and does bring many a benefactor, who would otherwise have a worthy offering for mankind to their own demise, before they even take any action toward bringing forth their boons to their kinship and making them available in the marketplace; perhaps withholding from the world what might have been a great service, while depriving themselves of incurring benefits to themselves.

Every person has innate talents and abilities particular to themselves, and it is their duty to themselves and their fellow man to develop and hone these gifts, and then transmute them into some form of benefit to others, all in exchange for a return that supports their ideal lifestyle.

But what so often stops a person from pursuing this route is their fear of criticism!

If they were to follow-through on their ideas and plans, they fear they would be met by opposition and ridicule, and usually from relatives and friends, those closest to them. And it is this predicament that brings them to an abrupt standstill and condemns themselves to a life of mediocrity where they benefit few to none and they, themselves, never really live nor receive the recognition their heart craves.

Therefore, the fear of criticism must be conquered in order to carry out our endeavors to best serve others in exchange for an equivalent monetary compensation. This is best accomplished by developing the kind of confidence that cannot be shaken or shattered; for it is made of iron! With unstoppable confidence like this, the first obstacle to realizing our mission in life has been half won, because starting down the path to our destiny is our first step, and it usually can’t be taken if we fear what others may think or say of us, whether to our faces or collectively amongst themselves behind our backs, for our pursuit and the possible failures and defeats that maybe come along with it; but failing to act due to such a fear would be the death of our dream, and it will not do!

Defeating the fear of criticism comes with the understanding and acceptance that not everyone – in fact, maybe not even half of our associates – are going to agree with our aims and ambitions; because when we reach this understanding, we prepare ourselves to be ready for the criticism and opposition that is likely to follow. These preparations involve cultivating a strong faith in ourselves and our own abilities founded on the self-awareness and evidence that comes from perfecting a skill, and also that our mission is a worthy cause which comes from the certain knowledge that it will be of benefit to others, and maybe some yet unborn, who have the capacity to recognize its’ value. Making these preparations equips us to ready ourselves to defend ourselves and our mission, if need be, to the naysayers and sceptics whose minds have been drenched in their own self-doubt and their lack of ability to envision realities before they have been manifested in the material world.

Small minds love to discourage noble causes by pointing out why our mission will never succeed; they love to do their utmost to discredit our value and even accuse us of plagiarizing what has already been done; they love to belittle us and our efforts with sure hopes that their words will defeat us if our resolve is weak, because they are doused and saturated in envy; they love to contrast their lives with ours in a spirit of unfriendly competition, all in hopes of proving we are incompetent and don’t have what it takes to succeed; etc.

But by becoming a person with a strong resolve, we give no heed to such futile attacks, as we have the wisdom to recognize there is nothing that makes people more insecure than to witness another proclaiming bold things he aims to achieve in life; for they greatly fear our success, for when realized it will make them feel small and insignificant by comparison, which is what their efforts seek to sabotage. It is through the recognition of this condition in man and his relations that we must draw our strength, which is a complete immunity to criticism.

So make proclamations of your mission. A natural result of such a course of action is going to reveal to you who your allies and adversaries are based on how people respond. What will happen is you will quickly discover who is for you, and who is against you, empowering you to approach your interactions with all people appropriately. It will show you who you can trust and depend on in the fulfillment of your mission and who are better left to be ignored and written off for having poor insight and judgment.


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